Real Estate Agency Reviews and Ratings Thailand

Real Estate Agency Reviews and Ratings Thailand

Did you know real estate agents in Thailand, unlike the realtors in the USA or most western countries, do not have to obtain a special license to work in real estate?

Well, the standards are not the same as they are in the West.  That statement is neither positive nor negative; but it should keep you on your toes, cautioning you to be aware of scams.  A legitimate agent or agency should have a business license sanctioned by the Thai government.  That license may or may not be specific to real estate, but it indicates a level of legitimacy that they are doing the right thing by paying taxes and being above board.

We realize that the real estate situation in Bangkok Thailand can be chaotic at times.  Without Western-style real estate boards or licensing requirements, the foreigner who is looking to purchase property in Bangkok may have a difficult time finding an agent or agency that they can trust.  Our consumer-based site is here to be a source of information that will show you ratings and comments from individuals much like yourself.  Those individuals who are interested in choosing property in Bangkok, but are unsure of which company or agent to work with, should do their research beforehand, which is why we have provided you with background information about each company and/or agent(s)  as well as others’ individual experiences.

Verification of Business Licenses

Our researchers have spent the time necessary to verify information for you at the government offices, making sure that these agents actually have a business license.  We have included this in our summary as well as in each of our agent and company listings.

Freelance Agents ratings

Many of the Agents in Bangkok are what we call “freelancers” who will show you property for a commission, much like any agent.  However, they may not have a place of business and, in some cases, even a business license.  Though you can find good agents who are honest with ethical business principles, we highly recommend doing business with a company licensed to do business in Thailand, a brick-and-mortar-type facility, not simply a presence on the internet.

Though Google, Yahoo, and Bing might do a good job in some cities of making sure their business listings are legitimate, Bangkok is still like the wild, Wild West to some degree. In our survey of map location listings for real estate companies in Thailand, 70% were what is called spam listings that was not a real company at all, which means it was either the same individual(s) creating multiple listings to gain traffic or simply a fake business name with no business license.

Don’t believe the statement:  If you see it on the internet, it must be true!

So until Google and the other search engines do for Bangkok what they have done in most western cities, you should not rely on search engines to show you legitimate businesses in Thailand. The fact is all it takes is some skill in website design to make any business appear virtually corporate when, in fact, it may be just one guy behind the scenes who has some skill.

Bangkok Real Estate Agencies and Companies ratings

Given the state of affairs in Bangkok, like in most of Thailand, there are a wide range of companies dealing in real estate.  There are developers, large multinational corporations, to small, individual, mom-and-pop-style agencies; all of which have various pluses and minuses.  Of course, you must understand that the developers’ motives are to push projects that they just built.  The multinational corporations have agents that are under quotas and various deadlines, and smaller companies may not have an in-house legal team or resources to advertise their properties.  Each type of company has its advantages and its disadvantages.  The developer has a good outfit, it would usually have many safeguards in place for newer properties.  The smaller companies may give more individualized service and may treat their clients care. Yet, again, there are a wide range of options available.  This site is here to help you sort all of that out.

Attention Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Companies

If you are a real estate agent or company and find any error about your business details please contact us. If you are unhappy about your rating or feel that the rating or comments were not true or malicious please contact us and we will evaluate that and make a determination. We want sincere ratings and want accurate information on this site as I am sure you do as well. Yet we are only a small team and who runs this rating site so we may have inaccurate information so please let us know. If your company is not listed please let us know that as well.