Real Estate Agent Tricks

As a consumer you may search on the Internet for condos for rent or sale and other properties. Yet there are many sites which list properties which are not a real estate company though they may pose as one. These sites simply do all they can to rank on the internet high in the search result. Then they get your information and sell your lead to a real company who will contact you. This may be somewhat confusing as they typically are very good at making their web site appear very corporate when in fact it may only one web designer who has figured out how to make money getting you to give information which he will sell to another company.

Bait and Switch for Leads

This bait and switch is used by many business who allow others to gather customer leads for them. Legal firms in the US do this often with commercials especially those that advertise class action claims and personal injury. The leads gather may be distributed or sold to other law firms. Real estate in Bangkok may not be much different. As example is a real company with real agents working there,  while is not a real estate agency or company but simply aggregate property listing and pass the leads to real companies. At least has the ethics to state on their web site that they are not an agency. most of the lead generator websites mislead consumers to believe they are a brick and mortar business with agents. Beware they are not.

Check to see the company is real and not just a web site gathering leads

When you look for a real estate company to handle your  property transactions don’t just believe the web site , but look that its a real company rather than simply pass your information on for money. Look in the about us section and look for a company address that is in Thailand. Our researchers have tried to be as complete as we can but there is so much on the internet and seems a new web site pops up every other day.