Is a large real estate company better or small one

Is a large real estate company better or small oneSONY DSC

One question  that arises as our editors review these companies,  is if consumers benefit more from a small company or large multinational? By large real estate company we mean such global giants such as CBRE, Frank Knight and the like.  Smaller companies would be local real estate companies such as Bangkok House Condo Sales LTD or and other smaller companies. There are significant differences in the advantages and disadvantages for each depending on who you are.

Larger Companies may have too many interest

The problem with the larger companies are they have many interest they serve, not just yours as their client. Some like stock companies get incentives to push certain developers products (condo buildings)  in the market. That is to say some of the agents who work for these companies will be told this condo or that building is the one to steer clients to this week etc. This is really not serving the client interest but their own. On the other side they may have further connections or reach than the smaller companies. So each class of real estate company has both good and bad to some degree.

Smaller Companies have you as the boss

The advantage of going with a smaller company is that they survive by making the client happy. The service is more personal and they typically do not have incentives to steer you to anything but what you want. As example, with the smaller companies or middle size companies you simply find one you are comfortable with and tell them “I am looking for a two bedroom in this area” and they will do all they can to find you that choice as that is their only business. They make a commission paid for by the owner of the property and its the same no matter what building or owner. So by the vary nature of the small business there simply is no incentive but to find you the place which is right for you so they can close the deal.Couple reading construction plan at home with use of laptop

  • Big Companies may show you properties they have a mandate to show you before your interest
  • Smaller companies typically serve their clients interest first
  • Small companies are usually more flexible and can move quickly
  • Larger companies may get bogged down in the rules set up by the management
  • Large companies may have more access to properties
  • Large companies work for the developers
  • Small companies work for their clients


Big or small company,  it will be up to you which you choose, we however recommend a smaller firm for the individual attention, service and finding your choice.