Free Lancer Agents

Business License required

The free lance real estate agent is something we do not see in the west. The reason is the western countries have a specialized real estate board which grants license in the specialty of real estate either as a broker or as an agent. Thailand does not have such special process,  but they do require a business license.

This can be checked for each company or agent at the government web site here:  If you go to that web site you can do a search for the company name. The business license status should show up, but bear in mind some companies web sites are “doing business as”  some other name than their registered name.

We do not recommend Free Lancers

The free lance agent can be anyone although to do business they should have a license for business at least. We do not recommend free lance agents for a variety of reasons. First many have no office they meet their clients at coffee shops or pick them up in a car. This is ok in that you may not want to go to the office, yet they should have an office. Free lance agents can disappear if a deal goes bad. Yet if they are with a company with a office it is much safer for you we feel. A brick and mortar building with a staff that has been there for some time is the safest way to go. Most of the companies such as CBRE , and many of the real companies that have been around a while.

Company with real office has certain protections

Free lance agents can be very good to work with, the problem is its an individual on their own. With a company there will be some layers of agents. managers and a CEO which you can take any problem you have  to the next level,  you know there will still be  a company even if the agent leaves.  So we recommend dealing only with companies, rather than Free Lancers so that you know there will be someone there to be held accountable.