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SALLMANNS , appears to be a Thai owned company, the listings are in English so foreigners can understand that part. They have listings for sale and rent. They say they are specialist property consultants more »


Update Jan 2018 Unknown what is happening to this company, web site is no longer there however investigation leads to another web site so we are not sure what is happening. This company has been more »


KASEMKIJ ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. , the Kasemkij Company is one of Thailand's most respected and well known property development and management companies.¬† It offers first class services and facilities combined with a commitment to more »


BOUTIQUE DINKI 2 COMPANY LIMITED , web site says :From our inception in 2004 with a single serviced apartment project, the Boutique Group of Companies (subsidiaries of Thailand based Thakral¬† Land Ltd.) has expanded more »


STOCKLOT TRADING CO., LTD., this is somewhat of listing company for real estate, they also sell motorcycle and second hand cars so they appear to be a jack of all trades type company. Though more »