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Piri Property Co., Ltd. appears to be a fairly new company registered with the Thai Government since 2011. They have an updated website. Thailand License (Reg. # 0105554135454)   more »


Update 2016  We are unsure of the legal status of this company maybe sold ? This is an agency which was originally started in Bangkok  in 2011 . Bangkok Condo Finder Co LTD company was found more »


Update 2018 This company appears to be closed This company may be found under "Serviced Bangkok Apartments," but when you open their web page, it displays "Serviced Apartments Bangkok."  This company is listed in the more »


WINNER ESTATE CO.,LTD.- 2nd site for this companyAddress is:  36/58 Riwoe Wio Phlet Building Tuek Dthanon P Rama 3 Chong Nonsi Khet Yan Na Wa Bangkok. This company lists properties on their site.  This more »


CONDO RENT SALE near MRT company specializes in listing rooms for rental and/or purchasing units within their new project.  We're sorry to note that we couldn't find a company listed in the Thailand Corporate more »