Bangkok Realtors –Independent may be best

Independent may be best, the bangkok realtors listed have been checked to see that they have a business license, if not we have tried to note that. Bangkok as part of country of Thailand does not require those who buy and sell real estate to have a specific license in real estate as they do in the United States. However they must have  a general business license which can be found. We have done our best to look up these companies and see that they have the proper license and are current. Realtor anywhere not just in Bangkok can be good or bad its up to you as a consumer to make sure you know something about the company your doing business with.

Most agents we have come across are honest and will tell you at least part of what the story is on particular buildings. One thing you may want to note is that the developers agents that means one who built and try to sell the real estate may not be the most unbiased. They are hired by the developer not you and that is whose interest they are paid to look out for.

Yet realize,  that the independent agencies you see here, unless noted work for you not the building and the developers. So with independent agencies it would seem that they would look out for your interest more. The independent realtors will show you more variety since there interest is finding something which makes you happy. That means they would get a sale or rental commission paid not by you but the owner of the real estate.

Some things you can do to find the right agency is to look here at our rating system and see if anyone has evaluated them yet. Do a search on google or bing and check their other ratings. Finally call them, email or go by and have a face to face meeting tell them what your looking for and see if you feel comfortable with them representing your interest


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