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Tips On Bangkok Realtors and Real Estate Agents

Bringing You Bangkok Real Estate information and taking on the task of trying to find a home in a large city like Bangkok can be daunting. We will be adding some helpful tips from our experience as we go along. Hopefully this web site will provide you with not only information about the realtors and buildings you are considering living in or using as your agency , but you can find out all types of information that will help with your needs.  Realtors here are sometimes like anywhere, some are helpful and few are hurtful so check our site often for the latest word. We have dealt with them so we can share some of the information, so please feel free to join us as expats.

We are simply people like you who became involved in the real estate agencies here as we were looking for a place some for our husbands who were transferred here,  others were professionals who needed a place to stay themselves so here we are. Sometimes we met for coffee to discuss what we found out. I started this and asked others to join having worked as web writer once before and thought it would give me something to do. So that’s basically how it started and we hope it will grow.

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