Best property agent Bangkok

Best Property Agent Bangkok Thailand

The Best property agent Bangkok is sometimes hard to discern. What we try to do is sort through the hundreds of agencies and agents and add them to our website. We look first at the Thailand business registry to determine if they even have a license to even operate a business. Then we find out from others who rate them according to personal experience with that Bangkok agent or agencies.

We accumulate information such as where their office is and if they have a web site. So we try to bring you up to date information which we find on the internet. If someone sees an inaccuracy we hope they will contact us and let us know so we can make the correction.

Wh0 is the Best Property Agent In Bangkok Thailand ?

That is truly a very personal decision and is diverse as the consumer themselves. All we can say is the best is dependent on what you want. That is to say after you or us have verified the basics. Right now in Bangkok there are probably 200 or more agents who work for full service agencies and perhaps another 200 who free lance or work on their own without a business licenses. There are about five major international real estate companies such as CBRE or ReMax. Many more local companies are around who have dedicated staff.

You need to sit down and think to yourself what you want them to do. Most will show you properties they know of, but will they look for those special deals in the case of a some one looking for a condo, house or estate?  For the seller you want and agent or firm which will not just list your property on their web site but actively seek to market for you.

When looking for the best property agent don’t be afraid or shy about asking them specifically what they will do for you. Make a list and see if they follow what they say.

  1. Are they on time with their meetings with you?
  2. Do they provide you with a list of properties that you want not what they want to sell ?
  3. Will they help with any issues after the deal is done?
  4. What is their exact marketing for property sellers?

These and many other questions need to be asked and if your not given a clear satisfactory answer there are many in Bangkok who will. So be discriminating when looking for the best. You as the consumer of their service have control. The best know this so again don’t be shy , be prepared and remember when you find the best let us know.



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